Tips for Buying a Mattress Online

Tips for Buying a Mattress Online

Is your mattress old and lumpy? Do you feel tired and sore when you wake? Then it’s most likely time you upgrade your mattress to one that offers more support. But where do you start? Read our top tips.



There are so many businesses selling mattresses in store and online, it can be hard to know what mattress is right for you.


We’ll you’ve come to the right place. We’ll talk you through they key considerations of shopping for a mattress online and the top tips to getting the right mattress for your needs.


There is so much information available online about mattresses, including the various types of mattresses, online reviews and product information, that you shouldn’t need to buy them in store anymore.


So what kind of mattress should you buy?

There sure are many types of mattresses to choose from – here’s a rundown on the most common types:



Memory foam mattresses use high-density polyurethane foam in the mattress support, upholstery of the mattress, or both! The memory foam absorbs movement and moulds to your body shape and sleep style, making it a great option of your sleeping on your own, or with your partner. Memory foam mattresses can also be known as visco-elastic foam mattresses, and are ideal mattresses for relieving joint tension.



A common mattress choice, an inner spring mattress uses a steel coil support system. Varying coil shapes, designs and sizes are used in the production of these mattresses, after which they are topped with materials such as foam, padding or latex. The coils tend to move all together, which can be a bit disruptive for couples.


Pocket spring mattresses are a popular choice for couples, as the mattress springs are sewn into individual pockets so the mattress can effectively support different body weights.



A foam mattress uses several types of foam in the production of the mattress. The foam support system can be made up of polyurethane foam, memory foam, or latex foam. The foam can be manufactured to varying shapes and densities to suit preferences.



A latex mattress uses either natural or synthetic rubber latex both in the support and upholstery of the mattress. Latex mattresses tend to be a bit more expensive than other mattress types.


Key considerations when buying a new mattress online:

When buying a mattress online, you obviously can’t test them out like you would be able to in store. So first decide on which of the mattresses above would best suit your needs, and then look for reviews on that specific mattress type.


It’s great that you’re investing in a new mattress, but also consider if your bed frame could do with an upgrade as well. Your new mattress might not feel as comfortable as you thought it would if it’s on an old and worn bed frame.


Many online mattress shops also offer a trial period, like the 100-day sleep guarantee that comes with every ComfyAz mattress, so you can properly test out the mattress to see if it’s right for you.


Call us biased, but we personally think memory foam mattresses offer the best combination of support and comfort. Browse the range of ComfyAz mattresses for a better night’s sleep.


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