Bedtime mistakes that are ruining your sleep

Bedtime mistakes that are ruining your sleep

In a faced paced world, you need good quality sleep to be able to recharge after a full on day. But some of us aren’t getting the quality shut-eye needed to tackle the next day’s challenges.


We make obvious mistakes that hinder our ability to fall asleep and to stay asleep. This results in us waking up cranky, unrested and totally unprepared for the day ahead.


So lets kick these silly mistakes to the curb one and for all and start getting some decent sleep. Here are the most common sleep mistakes we’re making and what we can do to overcome them:


We don’t have a routine

Having a regular evening and morning routine can improve our quality of sleep. Set a time that you will go to bed each night and wake each morning, and stick to it. Having a routine will help our bodies get into a natural routine, and make it easier to hit the hay in the evening.


We read our phone in bed

We all make this mistake. It’s hard to accept that the day is almost over, and so we try to cram as much social media, news and emails into the last moments of the day. But the blue light our phones emit affects the melatonin in our bodies, and tells us brains to stay awake. Also, the constant checking for updates on our phones keeps our minds buzzing, making it difficult to mentally relax and switch off. It’s best to avoid checking our phones for an hour before bed.

We don’t turn technology off

While we know now we should avoid our phones before bed, we should also be turning off all other technology in our room. Laptops, televisions and other devices can have annoying flashing lights that can make it hard to fall asleep. Either remove them from your room, or turn them off at the wall to ensure they won’t flash while you’re sleeping.


We don’t have the right mattress

Having the right mattress can make all the difference. If you’re using an old mattress, it’s definitely time for a new one. Look for a memory foam mattress that offers the right support. Be sure to also update your pillows too.


We don’t exercise enough

If we don’t exercise enough, we won’t be able to sweat out all the tension that builds up from the day’s stresses. This means we go to bed full of tension, and fixated on stress. Go hard at the gym a few times a week, or go for a run around your neighbourhood. This will enable you to go to bed with a clear head for a well earned sleep.


We drink coffee in the evening

As coffee obviously contains caffeine, a stimulant; our bodies find it hard to wind down if we drink coffee before bed. The best thing to do is avoid caffeine after lunch, and stick to herbal teas in the evening.


Our bedroom is too warm

While it initially feels cosy and snug, having a warm bedroom actually makes it harder to fall asleep, and stay asleep. You’re also likely to wake in the middle of the night to kick the blankets off!


We don’t wind down before bed

Baths can help babies fall asleep, and the same goes for adults. Take time to wind down before bed by taking a bath, reading a good book, practicing meditation or a doing a bit of stretching. This will enable us to go to bed with a clear head, ready for a decent night’s sleep.


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